TimberNook is an innovative nature-based developmental program designed to foster creativity, imagination, and independent play in the great outdoors. Founded by a pediatric occupational therapist, our camps take nature programming to the next level!  We give children the right combination of space and resources to build, create, and explore nature – while nurturing child development at the same time.

Remember when children spent hours at a time exploring the woods, inventing, creating and having fun?  We provide this wonderful program in the beautiful woods and trails surrounding the Sugar Shack at Moharimet Elementary School in Madbury, NH. Teacher workshops, school vacations and summer programming available.

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Balanced and Barefoot  written by the founder of TimberNook, Angela Hanscom, has been officially released!  This book dives into the importance how “outdoor play and the unrestricted freedom of movement are vital for children’s cognitive and physical development and growth, and offers tons of fun, engaging ways to help ensure that kids grow into healthy, balanced, and resilient adults” CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHY THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ and WHERE YOU CAN PURCHASE IT!