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New science tells us that children’s first 5 years are when they develop the foundation for all future learning.  Every time we connect with children, it’s not just their eyes that light up, it’s their brains.  Visit Vroom to see how simple, every day moments can be turned in to brain building moments!  http://joinvroom.org/

We LOVE this Facebook page called Let The Children Play.  We get inspiration about how to create rich environments and rich curriculum with simple every day objects.  And we are reminded every time we visit the page about the fact that Play Is Children’s Work!  Through their play, children practice and develop essential life skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, perseverance, collaborating with peers, and so much more!

Time outside supports children’s development in many important ways!  Here are a few places to visit to learn why and to get great ideas for outside activities to do with children year round!

Why Children Need to Play in Mud!

Early Childhood Education Takes to the Outdoors

NH Children In Nature

The Therapeutic Benefits of Free Play Outdoors

Reading to children is so very important….. 50 Books Every Parent Should Read to Their Child

Helping Children Develop Essential Life Skills – Center of the Developing Child – Harvard University is a great resource for up to date scientific research about children’s growth and development.  They share play based activities, games and experiences that foster and promote children’s development – Providing Critical Supports for Children’s Learning and Development and Key Concepts of Children’s Developing Executive Function

Mind in the Making is another great website about the development of essential life skills.


Volunteer opportunities for one time projects at Growing Places can include: committee work on a special event, spring clean up on our playgrounds, small maintenance projects, or sharing a hobbie with a group of children. Additionally, at times we have openings that create the opportunity for ongoing volunteerism as member of our Board of Directors.

For information about volunteering, please contact Kristen Landau, Executive Director,  at: 868-1335, or email her at: executivedirector@growingplacesnh.org.