Thank you for your interest in Growing Places!  For information about enrollment or employment opportunities please contact the site you have interest in:

Main Office                                                                                                                                                                             Executive Director: Amanda Toupin                                                                    Operations Manager: Sarah Nason                                                                        Marketing and Outreach: Emily Kluun                                                                          Phone (603) 868-1335      Fax (603) 815-4946

Lee Location 56 Pinkham Road  (6 weeks-6 years)
Contact: Bailey Coish (603) 868.1160

Durham Location 60 Strafford Avenue (2-6 years)
Contact:  Shane Krafton (603) 868.5674

Madbury Location  11 Lee Road (Before and After School and Summer Camp)
Contact: Erin Evans (603) 969-8677

Timbernook Programming