Locations offering
this program:

Durham NH Childcare (2 years-6 years)
Woodside Community Building
60 Strafford Avenue,
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 868-5674

Lee NH Childcare (6 weeks-6years)
Pinkham Road
56 Pinkham Road,
Lee, NH 03861
(603) 868-1160

An Early Learning Environment to stimulate the mind and the body.

At Growing Places, we believe children develop to their full potential through play that is active and engaging. We plan our curriculum based on the developmental levels and interests of the children.

Our teachers emphasize the process of discovery and learning. Every day in our preschool classrooms, children sing songs, participate in games at circle time, express themselves through dramatic play, and tap into their creative side through process oriented art projects.

An important part of the daily routine is spending time outdoors exploring the natural environment. Teachers extend children’s learning through observation, asking open-ended questions, and planning based on children’s interests.

Play helps young children:

Through play, preschoolers are learning, practicing and building essential life skills. Teachers support and foster self-help skills to help children feel capable and confident. In our open and caring environment, differences are celebrated and friendships are nurtured. To learn more about openings for your child in our preschool programs, please contact us here.

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