Locations offering
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Madbury NH Childcare (5-12 years)
Moharimet Elementary School
11 Lee Road,
Madbury, NH 03823
(603) 969-8677


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TimberNook tagline Growing Places is a TimberNook Provider, offering new and enriching nature programs to school age children!  Remember when children spent hours at a time exploring the woods, inventing, creating and having fun?  We offered this wonderful program in the beautiful woods and trails surrounding the Sugar Shack at Moharimet Elementary School in Madbury, NH.  Children flourish as the explored, created, invented and even climbed trees and cooked over an open fire!  Programs are offered for children ages 5-12 years. _


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Growing Places Camp Cowabunga

Camp Cowabunga is a classic summer camp experience for children ages 5 – 10 years.  Flexible part time or full time scheduling is available.  This program operates at Moharimet Elementary School in Madbury, NH.

Our Camp Cowabunga is a great opportunity for children to enjoy the outdoor summer weather, work on daily arts and crafts and play sports and games.  Throughout the summer the children will engage in team building activities and group challenges.  We create a culture that is open and accepting and where differences are celebrated and friendships are nurtured.  Growing Places offers an environment that will foster the development of positive self esteem by providing opportunities for problem solving and safe risk taking.


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