Who Makes up our Growing Places Family?

Our wonderful community is made up of families, alumni, business owners, and area residents that understand the importance of the role early childhood education plays in our world.

Our community supporters help us in many ways: by providing financial gifts, recommending our services to friends, volunteering their time and talents to help Growing Places, and helping us plan for the sustainability of our mission in the future.

Why Support Growing Places?

When you support Growing Places, you are investing in the future of our community. Every dollar raised for early childhood education saves a community an estimated $17 in future costs such as education, adjudication, and remedial services. Children that graduate form a quality early education program are more likely to have success in their education and careers. There aren’t many investments that have such a great return!

Ways to Support Growing Places

– Make a Financial Gift
Donate Online
– Donate an Item from Our Wish List
– Find out about Growing Places Events and Initiatives  (Click here to sign up for our newsletter)


– In the Classrooms
– Special Events Committees
– Hold an Event

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