“Growing Places is truly a family environment. It’s a special thing that our society certainly needs more of and I am grateful to be able to experience it first hand.”

“Growing Places has truly been a gift to our family over the years. As a mom of three children who attended GP I have been so touched and impressed not only by the level of professionalism and knowledge of the staff but more importantly with their love and respect for each child as an individual. The teacher’s willingness to learn about the field of child development and education and to then show this expertise based on the need of each child is one of the many things that sets GP apart”

“Our son has an emotional bond with his teachers who truly invest their time to make each day more enjoyable and entertaining for the entire class, while simultaneously maintaining a great learning environment.”


“In our few short years at Growing Places we have felt welcomed and our children have been nurtured by the amazing staff. We feel that our kids were so ready for kindergarten with all the great skills- both academically and socially that they’ve gotten from being at Growing Places. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank goodness for the summer camp so that we can still be a part of the Growing Places family”

“The environment you craft and the opportunities you create are truly appreciated. We can’t imagine these past few years without all the nurturing, fun and education you have provided our children”

“We love having our kids at GP and our kids love being there! We hold the entire staff in such high regard. Between our two kids we have been in all three classrooms and the continuity of care is remarkable. Each pair of teachers feels like such a team- consistent and in tune with each other. This is really comforting for us as parents!”


“It is not just childcare, it is a learning school and the kids LOVE it. Our son has grown exponentially in his time there. “

“We love the teachers at Growing Places for helping us mold our kids into the kind, curious, and happy little people that they are. Both kids love coming to school everyday and the joy of it being a “school day” always puts a smile on our faces to know that the kids are going to a place filled with love and joy”

“It is the caring and loving environment that we believe has helped our children’s development and learning. Growing Places has taken care of our children; we too have felt taken care of. Our worries, and concerns as parents have always been met with warm and thoughtful responses and we too have learned from the teachers and staff.”

” It didn’t take long for me to realize all the wonderful    things that entered their lives because they were in child care at Growing Places. I’m sure that some of what they learned in the Growing Places community is part of who they are today…and in many ways some of the best parts.”


“We’re grateful for all the little and big things that we notice about the care that you all put into your work.”

“We’re grateful for the way you value play. We’re grateful for how you share and model care and patience in helping the friends learn to be themselves, with others.  We’re grateful for the clear sense we have that shame is never a part of what our child learns at school. We’re grateful for the care and intention that goes into planning an environment that feels at once secure, friendly, creative and interesting.”

“We very much appreciate what both Growing Places at Woodside and the After School Program at Moharimet have done for our grandchildren while they lived with us the past six months.  I will have to say that they have performed beyond their duties, Growing Places has indeed done impressive work with our grandchildren.  Staff are very friendly and attentive.  The Directors are hands on and very accommodating.  Both of our grandchildren loved being at Growing Places and did not want to leave at the end of the day.  They had lots of new and exciting activities for them every day.  I also loved how much time they spent outside.  I highly recommend Growing Places to anyone looking for a great child care center.”